Raul Castillo grew up in northern Mexico, immigrating across the border in 1992 through El Paso, Texas. His seasoning and cooking style were nurtured while growing up in his Mom’s kitchen. Through constant tweaking and reference back to the tastes from the his youth, no recipe or dish leaves the kitchen without his stamp of approval.

Quesadilla: Grilled flour tortilla folded in half with melted cheese inside
Nachos: Melted cheese with ortega chile peppers on toasted tortillas
Chalupas: Flat tortilla with refried beans sprinkled with cheese and topped with guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes
Tostada: Flat tortillas with beef, lettuce and tomatoes and sprinkled with cheese
Tostaguac: Flat tortilla with beef and refried beans topped with lettuce and guacamole, sprinkled with cheese
Chile Relleno: Chile peppers stuffed with cheese
Tamales: Savory meat fillings steamed in cornmeal casings topped with sauce. One tamal, two tamales.
Chorizo: mexican sausage
Burritos: Flour tortillas rolled around beef filling topped with cheese, tomato, onions and red sauce
Frijoles Fritos: Refried beans
Enchiladas: Tortillas rolled around seasoned fillings topped with cheese and sauce
Hard Tacos: Tortillas folded and fried crisp, filled with meat or refried beans, cheese and lettuce
Soft Tacos: Tortilla folded and filled with meat or refried beans, cheese and lettuce
Tortillas: This corn or flour pancakes used as a base for many dishes
Pico de Gallo: Onions, tomatoes and cilantro chopped and mixed, then marinated in lime juice

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